Conveyancing Expert apprenticeship: Week One

How was my first week as a paralegal apprentice at Conveyancing Expert? Read on.

30 January 2018

I have recently started my Paralegal Apprenticeship at Conveyancing Expert. Everyone is really friendly and approachable and helps me get my work done; even when they are busy they still take their time out to help me.

 I have learned an incredible about in just two day;  both Gavin and Laura have engaged me in so much knowledge by just taking their  time to explain things to me to help me understand conveyancing a bit more and try to understand loop holes and areas in which people struggle.

 I feel I have settled in quite nicely and everyone has taken the time to get to know me. I’m looking forward to learning more and be able to get on with work more independently so that people can rely on me to help and get work done.

I was able to work with all different people learning the basic skills with different people round the office and felt comfortable asking any questions to anyone.  I took a lot of notes to keep the knowledge fresh and so I keep reading them in case there is any information I need to refresh myself on.

I have worked on a script for a video for the website and wrote an article to give advice clients on why the safe buyer scheme is important. This allowed me to get to know each member of staff briefly and expand a bit of knowledge on schemes that occur within the conveyancing sector.

During the week I started to use ProClaim and the basics of it. Val was very patient and helped me through it and allowed me to do a few contract packs for myself including with her help so that I could pick up how to use it.

Molly Helsby

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