Apprenticeship: Week Four

week four at Conveyancing Expert

21 February 2018

This week I was working on contract packs and getting them done for others in the office. I am starting to get them done quite quickly and understanding ProClaim more and more.

I’ve started to do work on my apprenticeship including researching on the topics that will be coming up including: Introduction to law, land law, legal research, client care and conveyancing.  I have been taking notes and taking them home to read over them to get an understanding over the topics I will be covering.

I feel a lot more comfortable with terminology and getting on with work independently. I’m starting to understand clients and the way the conveyancer’s work with them and how to chase clients and solicitors.

I carried on working a lot with Shams, she explained a lot to me in great detail and allowed me to ask a lot of questions.

I also got to work alongside Kelly learning the basics of the accounts so that I can do tasks when she isn’t here. Kelly talked everything through and explained the more difficult things and said she’ll go them through with me more than once so I truly understand what she does.

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