Apprenticeship: Week Three

Week three

21 February 2018

During this week I’ve worked closely with Shams who has given me my own files to work on. I have felt a lot more comfortable on ProClaim and started working through the system a lot more effectively.

I’ve started to learn a lot more terminology and going through: contracts, lessees and deeds have gave me a lot more insight into the world of conveyancing. Shams has explained a lot to me in great detail and allowed me to take notes to refer back to whilst working on files alone.

Shams also went through a will with me to help me understand wills and probate which in the future I hope to look into myself.  She also shown more complicated files and explained them to me and great deal so that I was able to understand about chains and the struggles in conveyancing.

I also observed in a meeting with Shams to learn about the face to face service and what paper work is needed off the client including EPCs and deeds.  She went through all the information received with me and explained why we needed them. 

I also spent time with Carla to shadow over an assistant to see what work they do and how they help the licensed conveyancer’s. She also talked me through what she did on her apprentice and explained how it would help me.

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