Apprenticeship: week two

Week two at Conveyancing expert

15 February 2018

During my second week at Conveyancing Expert I spent a lot of time with Shams learning what a day of a Licensed Conveyancer entails.  I managed to take a lot of notes and learn a lot. She explained everything to me in great detail and checked over work she gave to me to make sure it was correct.

Shams made me feel comfortable with the work I was doing and always gave me reassurance if they was anything I was struggling with or wasn’t sure on.

I have started to work more independently and know the structure of my work and helping others round the office. I understand the basics of ProClaim and can work my way around it quite well.

I started working with Damar Training the apprenticeship course and started setting out a structure for exams and coursework coming up. I started doing research into the topics that will come up in each semester and putting them into note form to learn off.

The scripts I wrote in week one were used for the videos and they gave people a base of what to say so they wasn’t as daunting as what people first thought. The videos went well and they will be on the website soon.

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