Common Conveyancing Myths

Residential conveyancing is filled with myths and controversies, have you heard of these?

02 September 2021

Like other industries, residential conveyancing is also filled with myths and controversies that aren’t all true. That may be one of the reasons people think twice about hiring one. 

If you are not familiar with the term “conveyancer,” it refers to qualified lawyers specialising in property law and often focuses only on property transactions. To be considered a conveyancer, one must pass examinations that are required in their field. 

Now that you have a little background on what a conveyancer is, let’s talk about the most common myths about conveyancing that you should never believe:

Myth #1: Conveyancers Are Hard to Get Hold of

Yes, conveyancers are busy, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to ignore their responsibilities or their clients. They know that they have a duty to their clients. It’s a good idea to decide how you would communicate right from the get-go. If you agree on communicating through email, then you shouldn’t be texting or calling unless it’s truly urgent and stick to the agreed-upon method of communication. 

Myth #2: The Cheaper the Service, the Better

While you definitely want value for your money, you should consider that the work your conveyancer will do is a legal matter, and it’s about one of your most important assets, so you shouldn’t skimp on it. Cheap services won’t do you any good because that often means poor quality or even incomplete work. 

Myth #3: You Should Only Work with Local Conveyancers

Similar to the second myth, the scope and area of service is just one factor that should be taken into consideration but not the sole basis for your decision. While it has its perks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same level of service from a conveyancer that’s not from your locality. Remember that you live in the digital age and the entire conveyancing process can easily be done online.

Myth #4: It’s Won’t Be A Good Price if Recommended by My Estate Agent

Many, in fact most, estate agents will work with preferred solicitors and conveyancers. This is because they know the firm very well and have developed relationships with them. They know who to speak to and it can make the process more streamlined. However, your agent can only suggest or recommend a conveyancer, it is entirely up to you if you wish to go ahead with them. If you prefer to use a different conveyancer it shouldn’t make any difference to the outcome overall.

Myth #5: Conveyancing Takes a Long Time

This is not true at all. As long as you choose a reliable and CQS-accredited conveyancer and there are no complications caused by the other party, you can expect conveyancing to be completed within 12-18 weeks. Currently there are many delays due to Covid and Stamp Duty holidays so it is realistic to expect 20+ weeks to complete, even on a simple transaction.


These are just five of the most common myths that you might hear about conveyancing that you should think twice before believing. Like with other industries, the quality of the conveyancing services you get primarily depends on who you work with. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a conveyancer you can trust and already have a good reputation, so you’ll know what to expect. 

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