How To Speed up your House Sale or Purchase

Conveyancing can be a long process but there are things you can do to help speed it up.

02 September 2021

When it comes to buying a home, you’d naturally want to sign the contract and move into your new home as soon as you can. Unfortunately, acquiring a new property isn’t as simple as transferring money and getting the key in exchange—the process involves a considerable amount of legal work that takes time to deal with.

Conveyancing is one of the most critical steps of the house purchasing process, as it concerns the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another. The process may seem pretty straightforward, but it may take time. 

From searches and documents to exchange and completion, your conveyancer will have to perform quite a few steps before the property becomes yours officially. No matter how excited you are to move into your new home, you must wait for the conveyancing to conclude. There’s no skipping this part—to deal with legal documentation successfully, you must work with a skilled conveyancer.

Speeding Up the Transaction

Although conveyancing is crucial to secure your purchase, this doesn’t mean that you have to wait longer than you prefer to. If you’re not keen on waiting for months for the conveyancing process to complete, you may consider accelerating the process.

Don’t worry about facing any consequences! Rushing is different from accelerating—speeding up the conveyancing process may be a logical and sensible move to make, as long as you take the proper steps. If you’re looking to speed up the conveyancing process, and realise your dreams of homeownership sooner than expected, read on below:

1. Get Your Finances In Order

Before making an offer or even beginning the house hunt, secure a formal mortgage offer first. By doing so, you won’t have to wait longer than a month to complete the process of receiving a mortgage offer. Make sure to submit the complete requirements to avoid follow-up correspondence and delays.

2. Work With an Experienced Conveyancer

The best way to speed up the conveyancing process is to have a quality conveyancer on your team. Since they’ll be doing most of the work, the timeline of the process will largely depend on them.

A skilled conveyancer will know the proper steps to expedite the transaction while protecting your best interests and funds. You can’t always prevent difficulties from delaying the process, but a conveyancer can ensure that there are as few causes for the delay as possible.

3. Maintain Communication With Your Conveyancer

The conveyancer may be in charge of seeing the transaction through, but you mustn’t forget about it once you’ve left things to them. If you want to expedite the process, you must stay in close contact with your conveyancer. When you regularly communicate with your conveyancer, you’ll be able to receive updates or raise a question, which helps resolve any issues as quickly as possible.


Purchasing a home is an enormous undertaking, so you must expect the process to take some time to complete. Unfortunately, you can’t skip the conveyancing process, as it’s necessary to ensure that things are in order before the key is handed to you, but you can expedite it! As long as you work with the right conveyancer, you’ll be able to accelerate the transaction and live in your dream home much sooner.

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