The Need to Get a Conveyancing Solicitor for Remortgaging

The first and the most usual thing that homeowners do when given the opportunity is to apply for a remortgage. It has also been the best option for those looking to consolidate debts or free up home equity.

23 September 2021

Should this option ever cross your mind, the best way to start is to find a reliable conveyancing solicitor and have a free conveyancing quote.

Note, however, that remortgaging does not always call for conveyancers; some property transactions can go without them. As certain specifications require additional legal work, it is always a good idea to assess whether you need the guidance of a solicitor.

Situations that Require the Intervention of Conveyancing Solicitors

Simply wave off the idea of getting a solicitor if you only plan to take an advance from your current mortgage deal. But then, in specific circumstances where you decide to add someone to your existing mortgage, it is best to seek legal advice. 

The plan of changing a property's ownership requires legal power, which will then amend the deeds and provide pertinent documents about the new conditions of ownership. As there is a need to have intervention from a solicitor in adding someone to ownership, such is also the case if you wish to remove someone from the existing contract.

Mortgage offers usually come with available solicitors. If this happens to be your case, then you are left with no other option but to use their service when remortgaging. However, mortgage offers that do not include this give property owners a free pass to pick the best conveyancing service in the market.

Remortgaging is usually processed within a few days, but some applications may take a few weeks to complete. The process timeline heavily relies on the submitted documents and the credit assessment, which evaluates borrowers' existing financial conditions. To expedite the process, those who wish to remortgage to another lender are suggested to clear all pending discrepancies in the credit report.

Solicitor Fees

Remortgaging is a decision that requires property owners to have sufficient finances. But its usual quotation is expensive, remortgaging fees do not go higher than arranging or getting a mortgage. There is no definite rate since solicitors have varying fees brought about by additional offers such as property surveys and title searches.

Apart from that, there are also other charges to consider, such as a penalty incurred from getting an advance mortgage during a fixed-rate period. Redemption fees may become daunting since mortgage contracts commonly render multiple counts without the borrowers' knowledge.  

Other conditions that must be considered are the fees required after the release of deeds and an arrangement fee in exchange for high interest rates. Thus, one must conduct a careful assessment of which would be the best setup for the remortgage in the long run.


After a remortgaging agreement was made between a lender and a property owner, the necessary legal and administrative work must be settled. A solicitor, for one, may legally tender ownership rights to solidify what is commonly called "transfer of equity".

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