What You Need to Know about Equity Transfers

When it comes to properties, a change of ownership can be made without making a sale. It can be for various reasons, but transfer ownership is becoming more common. You may choose to co-own your property with your spouse or give your adult children a part

15 September 2021

Whatever your reason, you'll need to complete a transfer of equity. That said, here’s everything you should know about the equity transfer process:

Transfer of Equity Defined

Transferring equity involves adding or removing people from a property's title deeds. Unlike a sale, at least one of the original owners will remain. No property sale is necessary, but the new list of property owners must be authorised.

Reasons for a Transfer of Equity

  • Divorce or Separation

One of the most prevalent reasons for transferring equity is a broken marriage or long-term, live-in partnership. Whether you've separated or divorced, you'll need to split your assets, starting with conjugal or joint properties.

  • Remarriage or New Long-Term Relationships

You may have purchased the property on your own while you were single before entering a new relationship. You may later want to include your partner in the Deed of Title.

  • Buying Out a Co-owner's Equity Shares

People are increasingly pooling their resources to buy a property with friends or relatives. This is a sensible method to get on the property ladder, but you may want to buy them out later for whatever purpose. 

  • Reducing Tax Liability

Transferring equity to children or other family members might reduce your tax obligation. The property can be regarded as a gift, lowering the taxes due.

Transferring equity may be an easy process if all parties are in agreement on the final outcome. However, it is critical to examine each transaction on its own merits since the situation can get more complicated when mortgages or conflicts are involved.

The Equity Transfer Process

Once you've decided to transfer equity, your lawyer will help with the process. If you are transferring equity as part of your divorce or separation, each party should have their lawyer.

The essential steps are the same regardless of the number of parties and involve the following items:

  • Copy of the Title Deeds

Conveyancing solicitors will first get an official copy of the property's title. Your lawyer will look for a mortgage or other property limitations and verify each party's identity.

  • Preparation of Transfer Forms

Once the procedure starts, your lawyer will prepare the transfer deed for signing. 

  • Notify Third Parties Regarding the Transfer

Any third party engaged in the property, such as a mortgage lender, bank or building society, must give written approval. The lender must be a party to the transfer deed if the property is subject to a mortgage.

  • Execute the Deed

After your lawyer has prepared the documentation, you and an independent witness must meet to sign the deed.

  • Immediately Inform the Land Registry

Finally, the Land Registry must be notified of the deed transfer. A cost of about £50 to almost £1000 is charged for this service, depending on the property's worth.


A basic equity transfer might take 4 to 6 weeks to execute. However, each transaction is unique, and the time it takes to complete varies. If the home has a mortgage, the transfer will take longer as you must obtain formal approval from all lenders. 

Similarly, if the transfer is necessary as part of a broader legal issue, like a divorce yet to be settled in court, the transfer may be delayed until all objections are settled. Once all parties sign the Deed of Transfer, the equity transfer is complete!

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