Residential Conveyancing: Tips for Ensuring a Quick Process

One misconception about the real estate industry is that if both parties find the buyer’s proposal amenable, the title transfer should be quick and easy. Ideally, that would be the case. However, many stumbling blocks can prevent smooth transactions, from potential issues revealed during residential conveyancing searches to either party being slow to respond to requests for information. Here are tips to ensure that your conveyancing proceeds without a hitch.

Know How Much You Can Borrow before Buying

Before you make an offer, you should already know how much you can borrow. Once you have an accepted offer, it will be easy to go through the following steps. Applying for a mortgage comes with complications of its own, so if you can get one in advance, it would make the conveyancing process faster. Having a mortgage secured before buying will also show sellers that you’re serious about coming to an agreement.

Hire an Estate Agent instead of Going Independent

It can be tempting to attempt to purchase your house alone, especially if you’re thinking about how much money you could save. However, good estate agents are worth what you pay—they are efficient and have industry knowledge that will see you through unforeseen situations.

Double-Check Everything You Fill Out

The residential conveyancing process will involve plenty of document exchanges, and the quicker you respond to requests for information, the sooner the solicitors will move to the next stages. However, you have to be sure what you’re writing down is accurate—submit complete forms and be careful to fill them out as accurately as possible. Correcting mistakes will use up time and make the conveyancing even longer.

Hire a Conveyancing Solicitor

Getting a conveyancer is one of the best ways you can ensure that the transaction goes well. If you’re a first-time buyer, having an expert to guide you will help remove the uncertainty of the process. A conveyancer can help you understand aspects about the sale which are unclear to you, and they can take the lead on unfamiliar things. Even if you do a lot of reading, nothing beats having first-hand knowledge of something, and a conveyancing expert would have plenty of experience in transferring properties.

The conveyancer is also crucial in helping speed up the process. They will be aware of red flags and alert you about these—they can even suggest possible ways forward. A good conveyancer will put your needs above everything and keep you updated throughout the conveyancing process. Many of them make it a point to ensure that first-time buyers have a painless, hassle-free experience, so if you have plenty of other commitments or responsibilities, getting a solicitor for the transfer will be a great help.


Whether you’re buying or selling property, you’d need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor to carry out relevant legal processes. Transferring home or land ownership is no walk in the park, even for people who quickly reached an agreement about the sale. Having a solicitor enables you to speed up the process and handle all transactions with confidence and ease.

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