Take Control of Selling Your Home

It’s not possible to eliminate all issues that might arise but there are things you can do to help and speed up the conveyancing process.

Take Control of the Conveyancing Process: Tips For Sellers

In truth, there is no way to predict the exact timeframe for the conveyancing process. The entire process, from start to finish, may take anywhere from 12 weeks to more than 20 weeks. Some things cannot be sped up but some certainly can.

1 – Start the Legal Process Right Away

The very beginning of the conveyancing process involves solicitors collating information and

documents and completing various formalities. Concentrating on ticking these tasks off the to-do list will help prevent delays in the process, especially when you find the right buyer. 

2 – Fill Out and Return All Property Information ASAP

As a seller you will be expected to complete a lot of forms about the property you are selling so make sure you get started on these as a priority. These forms may include the Property Information Form (TA6), Fittings and Contents Form (TA10), and the Leasehold Information Form (TA7). It is a must that you complete all these forms as soon as you can. It is a good practice to consult your solicitor before filling out these forms should you have any questions.

3 – Collect All Pertinent Documents

Some documents will be required to satisfy your buyer’s conveyancer in relation to the information you have provided. For example if you have made any improvements planning permission may have been needed. You will need to supply to relevant documentation along with building certificates for example. You can start to collate these documents before you even accept an offer on your property. No matter who buys it you will need to supply this information and documentation. 

4 – Brace Yourself for Negotiations

One reason that sales fall through is because sellers are not ready for negotiations. It is not uncommon for buyers to want to change their offer and try to get a lower deal for the property, especially if something is highlighted on a survey. The key is to be ready for this, should it ever happen. Going into the situation with a level head and an open mind will help negotiations go smoothly to reach a fair deal. 


Following these tips will help give the deal more chances for the deal to stick. On top of this, working with an experienced conveyance solicitor will go a long way when it comes to speeding up the process as far as it can go. 

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