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Conveyancing is the legal term used to cover the process of transferring ownership of a house / property from one owner to another.

Despite now being cheap in this economic market, the legal process itself is exceptionally complex. The procedures include investigating the title to the house / property, negotiating contracts, preparing transfer forms and forms to remove legal charges, dealing with mortgage companies and of course ensuring that the client (or customer as Conveyancing Expert prefers to call them) is kept fully updated of progress throughout the conveyancing process.

Cheap conveyancing does not have to loose quality. At Conveyancing Expert, our aim is to provide quality cheap conveyancing no matter how complex the transaction.

The Detail

Conveyancing is, as previously mentioned very complex. This is largely because the history of the land / property can go back many years — our conveyancing solicitors at Conveyancing Expert have dealt with deeds going back to King Charles II and written in medieval latin — resulting in the potential for many people to have a claim over the land or property.

These claims can be created in many ways and you may have heard the term 'covenant or easement' in relation to conveyancing. Caveats may also have been used on previous contracts resulting in issues for potential buyers or sellers of land. Other pitfalls include environmental issues such as toxins, invasive plants or even radioactivity in the land. This is another reason that expert conveyancers should be used.

That said, land is a permanent fixture and you can map it, document it, see official copies from the land registry showing what you are buying laid out in its full glory. Its one of the few assets that usually retains its value and in fact, as we are sure you are aware, a piece of land is normally valuable. A lot of the reason for it's value though is because mortgage companies or financial institutions know that with current procedures, they can accurately value the land and then give loans against the value of the land or property, confident that their money will by secured.

For years land transactions have been the most secure form of investment. We think it's important to remember that cheap conveyancing still includes acting in both the clients interest and that of the financial institution or mortgage lender. Our excellent reputation means that mortgage companies are happy to have us confirm that their loan is protected.

This is in part because the mortgage company / financial institution, once the client accepts the terms of their loan agreement, will secure their loan against the land / property. This means that a charge is noted against the title of the property at the Land Registry and in the event of default of the mortgage, the mortgage company / financial institution can sell the property (in the event of default).

At Conveyancing Expert, our conveyancers will...

Manage the full conveyancing transaction, keeping you up to date and ensuring that all parties are kept informed (estate agents, mortgage lenders and other Solicitors). Keeping the process of transferring property on track is a difficult job, that's where their experience really comes into play.

By investing in market leading management software, cheap conveyancing will not only be done in the same way as our more expensive competitors — in most cases, it will be done better.

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