Conveyancing Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a conveyance take?

    A normal conveyancing transaction takes between 6 and 8 weeks. If you choose our premium service, this can be reduced to just 2 weeks - if all parties are on board.

    During that time, we expect to update you around twice a week (so around 12 - 16 updates in total). This does include responding to requests for information from you.

    As we are a time driven business, by updating even more frequently than we do already, it increases the cost for all of our clients (and slows down every transaction).

    Therefore, many of the questions that people ask have been set out on our website under our step by step guide and our FAQ's (this page).

    Please do look at this as this will give you even more information and is ideal for those who like to understand the process.

  • How can I speed the process up?

    Although our normal service is performed in a timely manner, if you and the other parties need to move particularly quickly, ask about our premium service.

    In this instance your file would be handled by a senior Solicitor who has a more dedicated caseload of fast-moving transactions.

    The additional cost of this service is £200.00 so please be sure that the regular service is not suitable for your needs first. We reserve the right not to offer this service when we feel that we could not meet your expectations.

  • How can you charge half of what my current firm charges me?

    Quite simply, we have cut back on our overheads and invested in technology to help us move your transaction through quickly, saving you time and money.

  • Because I'm not paying as much, do I get a reduced service?

    Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our teams of expert Solicitors are given the time to ensure your matter receives the attention it deserves - our reputation supports this.

  • What ID do I need to send you?

    We require your

    • passport/photo driving licence
    • two utility bills
    to be photocopied and sent to us. We check your identity online which allows us to comply with money laundering regulations.

  • What about additional costs?

    We always aim to give you a quote you can rely on.

    Occasionally, circumstances may arise where additional expenditure needs to be made. This will not be our fees as we would not charge you any more unless you asked us specifically to do additional work.

    Additional costs could possibly arise if a third party had a charge that required payment (for example, with Leasehold properties, the Landlord or their managing agents may have a charge for registering the change of owner)

  • Are you regulated? are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC No. 11159) .

  • What about insurance?

    We carry insurance cover of £3million in the event that there is a problem with your transaction. If your transaction is likely to exceed this figure, please bring it to your Solicitors attention at an early stage.

  • How does your no completion no fee guarantee work?

    Quite simply, if the transaction falls through no fault of your own then we will refund the money you have paid to us back to you in full. (Any payments made to third parties - e.g. HIPs pack cannot for obvious reasons be refunded).

    If you choose to end the transaction yourself then we will only charge you a small administrative fee, if work has been done. If it is at the early stages of the transaction then, at our discretion, we will refund your money in full.

  • How will you update me?

    We aim to excel at customer service. We therefore act proactively to keep you informed of progress on your conveyance every step of the way. We will inform you at critical times in your transaction and you will be welcome to phone at any time (we will however ask you to email in your enquiry where possible as this makes time management of your file and other clients files more efficient keeping the cost down for you). That said, we have a policy of answering every call where possible and your call will be returned the same day if we are unavailable so you will never be let down by your cheap conveyancing Solicitor.

  • Can you handle auction properties?

    Yes, we offer a low price review of the auction pack before you bid - giving you confidence in your purchase and making the transaction run smoother following your successful bid.

  • Can you handle 'right to buy' properties?

    Our Head of Conveyancing, Darren Rich, is a social housing expert and is a class leader in this field.

  • How do I complain?

    We don't envisage you will complain which is why we are proud to put these details in our FAQ. In the unlikely event that we have not met your expectations, please contact our complaints manager who will immediately review your file.

    Gavin Wall
    Conveyancing Expert
    117 Chorley Road
    M27 4AA


Note on fixed legal fees

Although nearly all of our clients understand this, we have to mention it for completeness. A fixed legal fee is for the work we have quoted. When additional work is requested of us (or necessary) then we will have to charge. We have had instances where clients have expected us to take on additional work as part of the fixed fee and although we remain cheap, we simply cannot do that (and example would be where someone was selling a flat and obtained a quote for selling a freehold house — the work difference is huge and we would then have to charge what would have been quoted had they selected the correct option).

If in doubt about your file, please do speak to Laura Wilson first. Laura will then confirm that you have quoted correctly and confirm your price in writing.

To discuss any of the above or if you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 412 5857.
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