Conveyancing Experts Culture Statement

Be Happy in the work place.

  • To have a bitch free environment.
  • To score 10/10 in customer service in respect of our clients and agents.
  • Perform to the best of your ability at all times.
  • To be as organised as you can be at all times.

Complete on files as quickly as you can without putting the quality of your work at risk.

Ring every client at the beginning of the transaction and introduce yourself, build rapport, and manage expectations.

Answer all calls whenever possible.

Give an absolute minimum of weekly updates to all parties in the transaction.

Managers/Directors are to maintain an open door policy and be approachable. If you have a problem walk in, don't hide it.

Support each other in the work place.

Have lots of office banter. It doesn't have to be clean but it has to be kind.